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What is Counselling

Counselling is a talking therapy that allows people to bring their difficulties and problem into a confidential setting and explore feelings and thoughts in more detail.

Counselling is not one size fits all, in fact, it is the opposite. The counsellor will tailor the type of support offered to each client to ensure that the client receives the best support for their individual needs. The time spent in the session will be time for the client to have a better understanding of not only the problem or difficulties and where it was rooted but also have a greater understanding of themselves.

What to expect from counselling.

Deciding to go for help can be quite daunting and may cause anxiety. Hopefully, after reading this you will have a better understanding of what to expect which may eliminate a small part of that anxious feeling.

Our first session together is known as the initial assessment session. This is a chance for both myself and you as the client to get to know each and to gauge whether we both feel comfortable working with each other.

After this, we will meet weekly usually at the same designated time and the sessions will be your time to discuss what has been going on in your life recently. During these sessions, we may use diagrams and formulations. This is my chance to ensure that I am on the right path with you. It is also a good way to see things differently and sometimes seeing things visually can be quite enlightening. I may also ask you questions from time to time this will help me gauge a deeper understanding of the situation but it is also an opportunity for me to consider some tasks or techniques that may be of benefit to you.

I may take some notes during our session, these are brief and factual notes that I will keep in your personal file. At the end of each session, you are more than welcome to see what has been noted.

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